Niewiadów sandwich vans are specialized universal trailers made of sandwich slabs, whose outer and inner layer is made of polyester laminate and thermal insulation of XPS sturodur, which is highly moisture resistant. Van trailers are designed to transport various types of goods, protecting them against weather conditions. It is an excellent alternative for trailers with a frame and tarpaulin or a delivery truck. The standard vans are made in white with double, bolted and locked doors. Optionally, for an extra charge, they can be converted into trap or combi trap – it gives the possibility of tilting the door both as a door and as a trap. Each of the vans is equipped with floor brackets for securing the load, omega clip of the side wall, 2 fixed supports and a jockey wheel.

Sandwich van F2741HT

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Technical parameters

Trailer model Sandwich van F2741HT
Box body dimensions ( cm ) 400x200x190
Overall dimensions ( cm ) 565x252x249
Gross Vehicle Weight ( kg ) 2700 – 1400
Permissible load capacity ( kg ) 1880 – 580
Number of axles 2 braked
Wheels 165R13C
The structure of the walls Sandwich plate
Floor Waterproof plywood
Floor lugs for securing the load 8 pieces
Frame Steel, hot-dip galvanized
Trap The ramp on gas shock absorbers
Wheel chocks 2 pieces
Omegowka sidewall 2 pieces per side
Maneuvering handles 2 pieces
Side vent 1 piece per side
Support wheel Yes

Optional accessories

Spare wheel Available
Spare wheel support Available
Side doors Available
Axle shock absorbers set (2 pcs.) Available
Window 80×50 cm Available
Window 120×54 cm Available
Window 120×60 cm Available
Aerodynamic bevel Available
Roof hatch 40x40y Available
Combi trap Option for model F2030 / F2036 / F2041
Side sales hatch Available
Indoor LED lighting Available
Outdoor LED lighting Available

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