Cutting out details on a punch press

from sheets 0.5 – 2.5mm thick:
– galvanized and varnished steel,
– aluminum,
– brass.


with precision of workpieces up to 0.01 mm on:
– numerically controlled Harding and TZC-32 lathes type
– lathes and universal milling machines

Metal forming on:

– eccentric presses with a pressure of up to 160 T
– hydraulic presses with a pressure of up to 250 T
– press brakes with a pressure of up to 250 T and a bending length of up to 5 m
– sheet cutting with the use of guillotine shears (sheets of thickness of up to 10 mm and a length of up to 3 m)
– continuous thread rolling on UPW 25.1 roller

MIG-MAG welding

on MAG POL 400 semi-automatic welding machines
spot welding on ZPf-40 and ZPb-80 welding machines
Riveting on NR -10 radial riveting machines

Manufacturing forms and articles of polyester-glass laminate with a maximum size of laminate elements in 3000 x 2000 x 250 mm

Manufacturing white polyester gelcoat

Galvanizing metal elements

in weak acid baths with white passivation with a maximum pendant size 1650 x 300 x 900 mm

Manufacturing tarpaulins and mantles

for trailers and semi-trailers


of elements from polymethyl methacrylate panels with maximum dimensions of 1300 x 650 mm

Making sandwich slabs

using contact adhesives with a maximum size of 5200 x 2300 x 100 mm

Making simple furniture and woodworking elements on typical machine tools and carpentry tools such as: saws, planers, milling machines, drills, grinders, edgebanders

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