Trailers for the transport of horses K2022HTC ALU


Technical parameters

Trailer model Trailers for the transport of horses K2022HTC
Box body dimensions (cm) 310x174x230
Overall dimensions (cm) 436x239x298
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 2000
Permissible load capacity (kg) 1070
Number of axles 2 braked
Wheels 185/70R13
The walls Waterproof laminated plywood 18 mm thick
Floor Waterproof plywood 21 mm thick, covered with 8 mm non-slip rubber
Roof White laminate
Frame Steel, hot-dip galvanized
The gangway is equipped with gas shock absorbers Yes
Interior lighting Yes
Shock absorbers Yes
Windows 2 pieces, 5 – gradually adjustable
Partitions to separate horses Yes
Anti-panic system against frightening horses Yes
Adjustment for smaller and larger horses with internal separation between horses Yes
Self-retracting rear tarpaulin Yes
Sealing of internal sheet metal walls Yes
Side doors Lockable, dimensions 120×60 cm
Internal upholstered bumpers Yes
Support wheel Yes

Optional accessories

Spare wheel Available
Spare wheel support Available
Spare wheel cover Available
Roof hatch Available
A manger, sodlar (2 troughs, rotating saddle handle, mirror) Available
The floor is made of aluminum profiles Available
Split gangway (opens like a door) Available
AKS 3004 travel stabilizer Available
Alloy wheels Available
Varnished buttresses Available
Wall color other than white Available
Roof color White RAL 9016 / Black RAL 9005 / Brown RAL 8008 / Anthracite RAL 7016 / Pink RAL4010 / Red RAL6026 / Green RAL 6026 / Orange RAL 2009
AAA Available

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