Trailer for the transport of bovine animal VT1326H


Technical parameters

Trailer model Trailer for the transport of bovine animal VT1326H
Box body dimensions (cm) 258x140x148
Overall dimensions (cm) 416x191x212
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1300
Permissible load capacity (kg) 750
Number of axles 1 braked
Wheels 185R14C
The walls Aluminum
Floor 15mm waterproof plywood covered with a grooved aluminum sheet
Roof White lacquered sheet
Frame Steel, hot-dip galvanized
Side service door Yes
Trap With additional non-slip crossbars
Support wheel Yes

Optional accessories

Spare wheel Available
Spare wheel support Available
Shock absorbers Available
Fixed supports (2 pcs) Available
Partition separating animals Metal with the possibility of adjusting the place

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