Lightweight, unbraked trailers for transporting 1 – 3 motorcycles or one quadricycle. Safe and easy to use – equipped with an access gutter (M1 – M3 models) or an access frame (M4 model) and solid fastening brackets welded to the trailer frame. The tilting function of the box body will significantly speed up the loading of the vehicle. The standard equipment includes a support wheel with a clamp.

Motorcycle trailer B7320M3


Technical parameters

Trailer model Motorcycle trailer B7320M3
Box body dimensions (cm) 211×122
Overall dimensions (cm) 324x173x100
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 750 – 350
Permissible load capacity (kg) 574 – 174
Number of axles 1 unbraked
Wheels 155/70R13
Frame Steel, hot-dip galvanized
Handles for securing cargo 14 pcs welded into the frame
Support wheel Yes
Box tilt function Yes
Drive-in gutter Yes
Maximum number of motorcycles 3

Optional accessories

Spare wheel Available

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