BE line luggage trailers are lightweight, unbraked models with a GVW of up to 750 kg. Universal trailers with tilting box body, thanks to which you can efficiently and quickly unload the goods. The trailer has also got solid and durable closing of the sides and floor-mounted cargo fasteners. The possibility of extending the trailer by further segments, such as tarpaulin, top section or polyester cover, additionally increases its functionality. A wide range of load capacity and gross vehicle weight will allow you to adjust it to almost any type of vehicle.
The standard equipment is presented in the trailer specification below.

Lightweight luggage trailer BE7323U


Technical parameters

Trailer model Lightweight luggage trailer BE7323U
Box body
dimensions (cm)
dimensions (cm)
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 750-350
Permissible load capacity (kg) 576-176
Number of axles 1 not braked
Wheels 165/70R13
Floor Waterproof plywood 9mm
Side Steel 39 cm
Opening sides Front and rear
Chassis Bolted frame made of galvanized sheet
Cargo drawer handle 4 pieces
Support wheel Yes
Box tilt function Yes

Optional accessories

Spare wheel Available
Spare wheel support Available
Flat tarpaulin Available
Tarpaulin with frame h = 80 cm Available
Side extension h = 39 cm Available
Mesh side extension h = 39 cm Available
Polyester cover Available
Safety railing Available

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