Niewiadów car carriers are universal trailers for the transport of vehicles available in two versions:
– A2013HT/A2513HT models are tow trucks with a tiltable loading platform system, equipped with a hydraulic cylinder with a manual pump and the transport surface is made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with LOHR-type oval holes.

– A2002BHT/A2502BHT/A3004BHT models are trailers with full floor made of waterproof non-slip plywood and low sides – height 18 cm , which allow the use of a tarpaulin with a frame, which, in addition to protection against external factors, increases its functionality and allows it to be used as a luggage/ truck trailer.

Car carrier A3004BHT



Technical parameters

Trailer model Car carrier A3004BHT
Load box dimensions (cm) 450x195x18
Overall dimensions (cm) 592x253x97
Permissible total weight (kg) 3000 – 1600
Load capacity (kg) 2184 – 784
Number of axles 2 braked
Wheels 185/70R13
Floor 18 mm waterproof plywood
Side Yes, 18 cm
Frame Steel, hot-dip galvanized
Handles for securing cargo 6 pieces
Support wheel Yes
Tilt loading platform system No
Hydraulic cylinder with hand pump No
Capstan winch Yes
Steel ramps Yes
Shock absorbers Yes
Fixed supports 2 pieces


Optional accessories

Spare wheel Available
Spare wheel support Available
Customs tarpaulin with a frame h = 180 cm Available


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